Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bob Dylan & the Jug Band Connection. Part One

Those of you who have been along to an Armpit gig lately will know that, at long last, we have a Bob Dylan song in the act!
She belongs to Me has been a regular part of the act over the last few months and seems to go down well with the audience.
Few people realise that, in the early formative years of Bob's career, there was quite a strong jug band influence.
One of Dylan's earliest bootleg recordings known as The Minnesota Party Tape includes Bob's own version of a great jug band classic KC Moan by the Memphis Jug band.
In 1961 at one of Dylan's early performances at Gerdes Folk City in New York he is joined by the founder of one of the finest 60's revival jug bands...Mr Jim Kweskin.
When Bob came to England in 1963 he turned up at Dobells Record Shop in London with Richard Farina and Eric von Schmidt and recorded the old jug band favourite Overseas Stomp which has been in the Armpit Jug Band repertoire now for many years.
For more information about Dylan's visit to London in the winter of '62 & 63 read my contribution to "ISIS A Bob Dylan Anthology" Edited by Derek Barker and published by Helter Skelter.